Uprise brings professional communications consulting to the people on the front lines of social justice and human rights.


We're communications consultants to you, the good guys (of all genders): activists, advocates, and funders leading movements for human rights and social justice. Uprise partners only with nonprofits and foundations that share our commitment to progressive social change. We believe you deserve the highest quality communications support and training so that you can tell your stories and make change.

Here's how we do it:

  • We write creative, elegant, persuasive messages that shape the issues and define your identity.
  • We use media relations strategies that get your messages in front of the people who need to hear them.
  • We help you become the best spokespeople for your issues with training and coaching support.
  • We design and run campaigns that win big.
  • We create beautiful speeches and presentations that get people talking.

Our secret ingredient: we're social justice and human rights activists too, with special expertise in reproductive justice, economic inequality, and Israeli and Palestinian organizations. We bring in-depth knowledge of the issues together with top-notch professional skills and a creative, collaborative approach.

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