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Uprise brings professional communications consulting to the people on the front lines of social justice and human rights.


We're communications consultants to you, the good guys (of all genders): activists, advocates, and funders leading movements for human rights and social justice. Uprise partners only with nonprofits and foundations that share our commitment to progressive social change. We believe you deserve the highest quality communications support and training so that you can tell your stories and make change.

Here's how we do it:

  • We write creative, elegant, persuasive messages that shape the issues and define your identity.
  • We use media relations strategies that get your messages in front of the people who need to hear them.
  • We help you become the best spokespeople for your issues with training and coaching support.
  • We design and run campaigns that win big.
  • We create beautiful speeches and presentations that get people talking.

Our secret ingredient: we're social justice and human rights activists too, with special expertise in reproductive justice, economic inequality, and Israeli and Palestinian organizations. We bring in-depth knowledge of the issues together with top-notch professional skills and a creative, collaborative approach.

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Sharon Rose Goldtzvik

Founder + CEO

Sharon Rose Goldtzvik is a social justice advocate and communications strategist. She’s who activists, advocates, and funders call when they need to tell their stories and make change in local, national, and international arenas, and who reporters call when they need expert sources and top progressive voices. Sharon has served as a spokesperson and consultant on feminist issues, foreign policy, human rights, economic justice, and international development for nonprofits in the US and internationally.

Sharon specializes in tough fights and scores big wins for her clients. Her work ensures that her clients’ stories regularly appear across top media, from mainstream national, local, and community news coverage to opinion pieces and glossy magazine features. She trains executive-level leaders to be persuasive and inspiring spokespeople, creates messaging that shapes debates and wins issues, and writes game-changing speeches that keep people talking.

Since Sharon founded Uprise in 2015, it has become the go-to communications practice for progressive Israel and Palestine funders including the New Israel Fund, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Foundation for Middle East Peace. Sharon has introduced American audiences to some of the most exciting and inspiring leaders and advocates from the region, including artists, political leaders, pioneering human rights lawyers, and leading human rights organizations including Breaking the Silence, Standing Together, B’Tselem USA, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, and more.

Uprise creates strategies that lift up voices and stories of those doing the deepest -- and often hardest -- work for social justice across issues. Sharon partnered with Olympian Billy Mills and Running Strong for American Indian Youth to help Native young people overcome a poverty so deep it robs them of their dreams. She works with activist filmmakers who tell human stories about important, complex issues, like director Maisie Crow's Jackson, which tells the story of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.

Before founding Uprise, Sharon worked with progressive nonprofit clients at Spitfire Strategies and Fenton Communications. She helped Nobel prize-winning economists change the narrative on income inequality and Ecuadorians victimized by US oil drilling in the Amazon; wrote TED and Ignite talks for the advocates at the forefront of free speech and internet privacy; led campaign planning for advocates working to end human trafficking; and coached campaigners for paid sick days.

Clients included: The Ford Foundation’s media and women’s rights initiatives, the Rockefeller Family Fund, PAI, the Open Society Foundation, CAMBIO immigration coalition,, the Roosevelt Institute Economic Media Project, Human Rights Campaign, National Geographic, the Movement Strategy Center, Food Policy Action, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Consumer Reports, Friends of the Global Fight, and the Food Research and Action Center. Films: 1971, TWA Flight 800, CITIZENFOUR.

Previously, Sharon directed advocacy and communications at HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual, a Jerusalem-based human rights organization providing legal aid to Palestinian victims of human rights abuses.

She is a proud alum of Hampshire College, where she studied political science, Middle East policy, and theatre. She lives in Washington, DC with her spouse and one friendly pup.



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